John Hellier and the Walker Brothers' history. (John Walker ... RIP)

John Hellier: People forget that when they first arrived in the UK they were a 3 piece group that played their own instruments. Once the hit records came John and Scott were just seen as a vocal duo but pre-the hit records they were great musos. I read recently that John used to give Beach Boy Carl Wilson guitar lessons. Scott was previously bass guitar player with the Routers of Lets Go fame and rumour has it that Gary played drums on some Elvis demos.

Paul Weller about N
o Tears to cry: ''It's a definite nod to the Walker Brothers and those epic ballads. I thought it would fitting to get the man who played on a lot of those records to play on it. He's seventy odd, but Clem (Cattini) came down and did it in literally two takes. He's that good." Drummer Clem Cattini, played on The Tornadoes "Telstar" back in 1962.

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