Lord, (don't) slow me down.

I think it's probably time to slow down the blog after 1935 messages and many many many time spent, scanned articles, translations, etc. It doesn't seem appreciated by the wider community anymore, no more comments, discussion... I know I've been a bit compulsive but it's no more necessary.

The forum is great for our Paul Weller "obsession" and it's full of nice people. I also have to say I feel (and I'm not alone) my idea has been completely taken and marketed by other people without a word, people who think they're real mods with a true etho. They're not. I'm sad for them, narrow minded and to steal an idea without asking is pretty ugly. I will probably try to enjoy my life and I've made excellent friends here I will enjoy more too. No bitterness at all, four years is a long time and I had fantastic moments. Will keep on on a very different rythm, maybe a week's big post. Become a member and you'll know any news. It's a pause.

See you soon. ;)


alexm said...

Hi Yann, I don't get the chance to stop by often these days (life has a way of taking up time...).

I just wanted to say that your blog is quite simply one of *the* best music resources on the web.

Thanks for all the music, mate.

Alex. (Glasgow)

Ian said...

All the best to you Yann

Gabby said...

What to say? I love your blog. Not only your posts, but you strike the right tone, aswell.
I pay a visit every day, so of course I hope you will continue. Perhaps at another 'pace'?

David said...

Lord, don't slow Yann down !!