Daystar, The new Ian S' discovery.

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Starting off as a recording project in a garage in a South Manchester suburb, Daystar is now rapidly developing a reputation as one of THE up-and-coming bands of 2011.

Their meteoric rise in the last twelve months is in itself jaw-dropping, having gone in that time from a 1st live performance on stage in March 2010, to a well received 1st TV performance on ESPN's "Talk of the Terrace" in February 2011, playing live their Debut Single "Slip and Dive".

Whilst the hard work in those early days of producers Phil Cuthbert, Dave Cooper and Frontman Simon Monaghan was the catalyst behind the release of the self-titled debut album "Daystar", along with the magnificent production work of the legendary Ronnie Stone - the introduction of band members, Ryan Arnfield, Jack O'Connor, Tom Mallas, and Ste Woods gives Daystar an exciting blend of experience, raw enthusiasm and undeniable talent.

With a sound that taps into the feel-good aspect of the sixties, transformed with a modern twist, flirting clearly with the mod within, Daystar cannot help but draw you into an association with the tales each song has to tell, creating with it your own personal heaven or hell. With numerous influences of some of the best bands to have graced any stage in the last 40 years,

Daystar continue to deliver a sound that resonates in familiarity and yet steeped in enough freshness leading many well-respected people in the Music Industry, including BBC Radio 2's Janice Long & footballer Brian Deane ;-) to believe Daystar have the potential to be the next big thing.

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Dave Cooper said...

There is a new Daystar single out on 26th September. Its called 'Off Our Heads' and its on the debut album, 'Daystar'