Time to shoot! The Liz M. Section, polaroid effect.

On Polaroid

Being a professional photographer using strictly SLR and rangefinder cameras I was one of many who tired of the digital revolution kind of quickly. Some photographers are more expert in Photoshop and similar programs than the true art of photography. In this way imaging software became the actual working tool, instead of the camera.
If you want to grow in the art of photography shoot Polaroid! Take a visit to the Impossible Project, which has the most information about available film and refurbished cameras for purchase online, stores are listed here.

Polaroid cameras can also be found at flea markets, tag sales, estate sales and the like. Check with the Impossible Project to be sure film is available for the camera you're buying. Currently, film is available for the cameras pictured here: the Spectra and the SX-70. Fuji film packs are widely available for Polaroid backs attached to SLR cameras, such as the Forscher back on the Canon EOS-1 SLR pictured. Also sold are refurbished copy stands if you wish to do close-up, or macro work.

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