Billy Bragg, the prime minister in the dressing room. ;)

BILLY BRAGG - NEVER BUY THE SUN from Billy Bragg on Vimeo.

Billy Bragg should be the prime minister!

June 2008:

PAUL WELLER is desperate for fellow veteran rocker BILLY BRAGG to become the British Prime Minister - insisting it would be the only way he becomes interested in the country's government.

The former The Jam frontman is sick of similar politicians working in the U.K. - stating they are all too similar to make a difference to the country's future.

But the musician thinks folk star Bragg would be the perfect option for the prestigious role, and is upset the star hasn't already run for office.

He says, "It is a great pity he's (Bragg) not Prime Minister. I can't tell the difference between politicians, they all look exactly the same to me. They all went to the same public school, they all went to the same university - and they're all trying to pander to the mainstream.

"I'm not interested in politics to be honest. It bores the s**t out of me."

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