Peckham Rye Story (From Bax).

Tucked away - as a lot of the hidden gems of London are - behind the crowded Carnaby Street , you’ll find a little shop at 11 Newburgh Street, where traditional good manners and a marvellous range of the best in hand made scarves, ties and hankies await you.

The shop I refer to is ‘Peckham Rye’. Walk inside and you’ll find it soaked in the history of a family, all captured on a multitude of photographs around the walls. Tommy McCarthy started it all by becoming a tailor in 1813 and he would be delighted to know that that business is still within his family today. The generations that have followed Tommy have learnt skills that have been passed on over the years. Hat makers, pleaters, tie makers and drapers, all of the highest order.

As back then, today pride is taking in every garment that carries the ‘Peckham Rye’ name. The current generation would have it no other way.

Why the name ‘Peckham Rye’ I hear you ask. Good question that. Although the business began in the East End of London, at various times it relocated across the mighty Thames to the South East area of London called Peckham. The particular (some would say peculiar) way Londoners using rhyming words to describe an everyday object, gave us ‘Peckham Rye’ meaning ‘Tie’. Given this and the families association with the area, they really couldn’t call it anything else…

So, today sees the launch of a new website which captures all of the above and more.

We cordially invite you to step inside the world of ‘Peckham Rye’ and discover this gem with a fascinating history. I kid you not, it’ll enhance your day

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Be lucky, wont ya…
Peckham Rye

11 Newburgh Street, London


020 7734 5181

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