Mari Wilson and pledge music! (Ian S)

Guess What? Great news…

I’m back with an exciting new album & you can get it first, along with tons of new, rare and signed items & VIP access.

I’ve been playing around with ideas and choosing some of my favourite songs – I’ve never made an album of covers before and thought it was about time, especially as I perform some of these songs in my show and I know a lot of you would like me to record them.

I’m collaborating with the masterful Simon Hale whose CV reads like a who’s who of the great and the good. We’re so pleased with the material – this album will be a lot of fun, not only to record, but to promote too. Well, soon it will be finished and it’s almost time to unveil the album to you, my ever supportive fans.

The new album will include some of the cover versions of songs that I’ve performed at my live shows in recent years. The album is a surprising and diverse mix of both classics and contemporary songs, from the likes of the Bee Gees and The Pretenders to Gillian Welch – they’ll all be given the Mari Wilson treatment… and finally, having played Dusty Springfield in Dusty The Musical, at last a Dusty song,

And there’s even more exciting news than that. I’ve made very some very special arrangements to release the album to you in a new and innovative way. Working with PledgeMusic we can send you the album direct, without having to worry about album release dates. You’ll get it first, as soon as it’s ready. You’ll also have the opportunity to ‘pledge’ on a range of rare, signed, limited editions and previously unreleased items all direct from me to you.

No matter what you chose to pledge for, you’ll be rewarded with a free download of the new album automatically, as soon as it’s ready.

There’s signed CDs of the new album, handwritten lyrics, exclusive show tickets and a Mari Wilson rarities CD. I’ve even been up in the attic and can offer you the chance to get your hands on some very rare and exclusive Mari Wilson memorabilia – you wouldn’t believe what I had stashed up there.

By pledging on these items, you’ll also gain access to my exclusive PledgeMusic “Updates Page” where we’ll upload tons of new media, video diaries, photos, blogs and demos, all of which will keep you right up to date on the album and it’s release.

As if this wasn’t enough reason to get involved, a percentage of the proceeds from this album will also go to my chosen charity – the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. So please do get involved.

Hopefully you’ll love the album. We’re very pleased to be bringing it to you in this very special way.

Many thanks and best wishes

Mari x

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