Get over it ! (Mike C)

PAUL WELLER is clearly not one to mince his words.

Veteran rocker Paul Weller, who has been in the music business for five decades, has hit out at such artists as Adele and Florence Welch whose music focuses on their own heartbreak.

Talking to Q Magazine, the mod legend let his feelings be known about female singers who use lost love as their muse, urging them to broaden their minds and look beyond it for inspiration.

“I was watching a couple of female artists recently and their whole albums were about splitting up with their boyfriends,” says Weller, 53.

His advice? “For f***’s sake get over it. See what’s going on in the world. Write about God, write about love, write about death, write about war, write about people.”

Much-acclaimed and awarded in recent years, the singer-songwriter has been busy working on a follow up album to Wake Up The Nation. But even after all this time he is still concerned how people receive his music. He said: “It’s one thing being challenging but if people are just going to skip it what’s the point?”

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