Martell and Moray (Tim Stavrinou's band)

New records are always a joy and a promise. Another grey area at work, another day just like any slow time Monday even if you love the job and then... a music dose, a record in the mail box. It’s always an excellent moment and very often it’s my first stop (dare I say It’s always my first stop), go to the Hi-Fi system and play the record. Today, I have the Martell and Moray record in the box and I’m travelling with it at the moment. Believe me, it’s a very very nice journey, let them take your hand and travel with them. I’ve been brought back to some of my favourite records, I’ve thought a lot to the golden era (No nostalgy at all, move on!) of the Pale Foutains and Aztec Camera, to the acoustic side of Paul Weller and to the forgotten Red Guitars’ band, Blow Monkeys and Dr Robert solo. Also thought to Everything but the girl for Ben Watt's guitar style. It’s mainly a record which has been thought and conceived to ring, to fill the atmosphere with beauty and a touch of a middle age men’s vision, bitter-sweet, full of hope and lucid. No despair, no false hope. We have lived many years, we’re not over yet but we can see, us the forty something, the rising sun a bit further on the road and we start to think to that middle place we are. Not so far from our youth, when we were angry young men, shouting at The Jam’s gig, listening “Life from a window”, the song about being a teenager, one of the best and one of the most underrated Weller’s one. These men, Tim and Barry have a personal songwriting, great sense of arrangements, not too much, never, the exact balance. We can hear them singing about the path we, almost, all crossed: I guess you always wanted more, So I left and closed the door, I watched your face and you watched mine, Tears of salt and yours of wine, Children lying in their beds, Another tear you failed to shed… faded photographs of days gone by, Kodak moments asking why… Another very beautiful song with nice strings about Nick, for Nick, very moving. And yes, they’re definitely one of us, covering in a very intelligent way Weller's Liza Radley and Gordon’s Lightfoot Early Morning Rain. You can feel the passion floating and swirling in the air, they do love music and it’s not the point, it’s about live, life, love, missing things and person. Very emotional record and two guitars, mostly acoustic as a humanity testimony. We’re all brothers, in that music way. Crank up the volume, not too loud, relax and have a Drink. Whiskey or Cognac? Whatever. (Martell and Moray are Tim Stavrinou and Barry Goodwin).

Go to the website - You can order a CD or there is a link to buy the LP on iTunes.

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