Window on the World, Hugh Cornwell Book's review By Bruno R.

Hey guys, I've asked my friend Bruno to read for us Mr Cornwell's book because he's not into the Stranglers music. His judgement is not so sided than mine!

I chanced to read Hugh Cornwell's Window on the world. As I have no memory for names, Mr Cornwell didn't ring a bell. This guy must be an author in his own right, full of life and energy, full of intricate worlds hidden behind appearances. It may not be far from the truth ! What is behind works of art and paintings ? What is fascinating us ? What we see ? What we think we can see ? Or what we cannot but see because our life is now revolving round its new axis : nothing exists but the world represented in the painting ; nobody matters except the one who is at the origin of our re-birth. Thus, our hunger for sensations is boundless. Nobody will stop us, we shall possess every single painting by this same artist. I really had this uncanny impression of opening a window onto a forbidden world : passion. M Corwell does not resort to frantic words to give flesh to his sensations ; as an artist, as a true painter of the human psyche, each paragraph is a step forward, each chapter is a step closer to this vertigo. Nobody strangle our quest for ourselves.

Bruno R, English teacher.

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