The Red Inspectors!

The debut album from The Red Inspectors, Are We The Red Inspectors? Are We? is released on January 16th 2012 by Acid Jazz records. Described by the band as "the album we always wanted to make by the label we always wanted to be on", it's a selection of (mostly) instrumental tunes that celebrates and updates the classic Acid Jazz sound of bands like Corduroy, The Brand New Heavies and Mother Earth. With hints of funk, soul, pop, lounge and prog rock experimentalism, it's highly unlikely there'll be another album like it next year.

You can have a listen to sound clips and you can pre-order copies on vinyl and CD from here ,here and here . There's a Facebook page you can have a look at and you can follow the fortunes of the band on Twitter should you wish to.

Meanwhile, Red Inspectors bass player Andy Lewis will be performing with Paul Weller's band on December 20th at the Hammersmith Apollo- details from the Crisis website .

Andy's also made a video for his song "Last Song Of The Year", It's from his mini-album "41" which came out earlier this year. Copies of this, and some of his other releases can be bought from the Acid Jazz eBay shop or purchased from iTunes

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