Small Faces Deluxe Editions Due In May (Mojo info)

Small Faces Deluxe Editions Due In May

Deluxe editions of Small Faces’ four classic ’60s studio albums will be released on May 7.

Small Faces (Decca, 1966), From The Beginning (Decca, 1967) and Small Faces (Immediate, 1967) will appear in two-disc format while their 1968 masterpiece, Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake, has been expanded to three discs. Each album has been remastered and will contain both the mono and stereo versions of the original tracks alongside a clutch of previously unreleased bonus material. MOJO’s Mark Paytress provides the liner notes and there are new interviews with surviving members Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones.

Where are the John Hellier's liner notes???

And just in case you’d forgotten how great this powerhouse of R&B, soul and psychedelia were, here they are tearing the place apart back in 1968:

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