Suzie Tullet' interview (She's one of us!)

Having enjoyed reading Suzie Tullett’s debut novel, I was delighted when she agreed to this interview.
Q, Without giving too much away to our readers, could you give an overview of the book in your own words please.

Three men on two scooters (a vintage Lambretta and a Vespa) heading down the country to Brighton…Three women and a heavily pregnant belly in hot pursuit – all squashed into a classic, Union Jack roofed mini… With an off duty Police Officer bringing upthe rear… And with musically themed chapters, it even has its own soundtrack.

In ‘Going Underground’,the hero and heroine are Jonathan and Tracey Parkes, a couple who’ve spent years trying to get pregnant. And having finally achieved what once seemed the impossible, we’re introduced to them just two weeks before the baby’s due date. Of course, Tracey can’t wait to be a Mum, whereas Jonathan is something of a reluctant Father-to-be, leaving Tracey no choice but to turn private investigator in a bid to find out why. However, in doing so she unwittingly sets off a chain of events that take Jonathan back to his roots in an attempt to finally face up to his past;events that could ultimately signal the end of their relationship.

Q, Also, what are your top five ‘mod’ songs?

This is a difficult one considering there are so many to choose from and I do have rather an eclectic taste when it comes to songs.

1. Town Called Malice by The Jam

2. Behind Blue Eyes by The Who

3. Louis Louis by The Kingsmen

4. Lazy Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks

5. Zoot Suit by The High Numbers

To be continued here

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