Away From the Numbers' Blog about Sonik Kicks

Any new Weller album that drops on the mat is always greeted with reverence,a heart beat jumping and a carnal lust to to tell the world that he still matters and always will. It's hard for me to be that objective with the man who is one of the biggest influences in my life. I'm at an age now where i know that putting your outlook in the hands of a musician is a bit wanky and lacks moral fibre,but y'know when the mainman is still pushing forward,taking risks,not playing by the rules and coming up with ideas,songs and a general perspective of if you dig it great,if you don't ...bothered. I'll take the good times in any shape or form.

The months proceeding this album has seen long time Weller fans wondering what he's up to,the lacklustre show at Hammersmith with a set of songs straight out of the last tour a year previous didn't bode well for this release. Sonik Kicks takes the ideas and different soundscapes of the previous two albums 22 Dreams and Wake Up The Nation. Both had cracking songs,and both had their merits but i feel fell apart at times, by the sheer volume of material not worked through properly. So when the hardcore start to question their long time hero,Weller does what he always does when being questioned....Comes back Cool,Clean and Hard. TBC Here

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