Mojo & Weller, Kicks and Flicks...

In this month's MOJO magazine we celebrate Paul Weller's 20th year as a solo recording artist, with an in-depth interview and a look back at the album that relit his fire, 1992's brilliant Paul Weller. We hear from the musicians who helped drag Weller out of his self-imposed exile at the dawn of the '90s, a time when he says he would "pick up the guitar and it was like an alien. It was like, How does this work?"

Weller also compiles the free covermount CD, previews the latest in his trio of experimental rock albums - the newly-minted Sonik Kicks - and picks over the bitter falling-out with his erstwhile production partner, Simon Dine. "You've got to be able to adapt as you get older," Weller tells MOJO's Pete Paphides, "or you go under."

A good moment to remind ourselves of some of the highlights of his solo years so far, in sound and vision. Paul Weller: always changing, always the same...TBC HERE

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