Paul Weller rare 1990 interview. Positive energy of Madness.

This was a big story for us. It was done in the summer of 1990 when Paul Weller hadn’t done an interview for 2 years.

Thank you to Fiona Cartridge of, The Sign of the Times, shop in Kensington Market. She sweet talked Weller into talking to us. It caused a sensation to the point, that in an attempt to try to get the interview off me, "The Face", invited me to their office. I am still proud to this day to say that I turned them down. I went on to write the sleeve notes for , The Greatest Hits of The Jam. Then Paolo Hewitt stepped in, becoming the official sleeve note writer for, The Jam, and the, Style Council, compilation albums......fair enough.

Remember, Paul Weller's career at this point was in limbo. I like to think the affection and understanding of fans, like the Boys About Town fanzine and myself, contributed slightly in Paul, re-launching a highly successful solo career. Please note, Weller mentions, The Soul Stylist book, this didn't actually surface for another 12 years. Enjoy this great piece from the Positive Energy of Madness archives.

to be continued here

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