Trevor Neal, Me, Paul Weller and the twins...(MikeC...)

The title may give you the wrong idea. This isn't about me, The Modfather and The Cheeky Girls. Or the Proclaimers, for that matter - I'll save that for another time (when I've thought of a punch line). Lien

I grew up in Southampton. It was 1977 when I heard first heard Paul Weller sing In the City.

"In the city there's a thousand things I want to say to you" (In the City)

It was The Jam's debut single. I was 14 and suddenly everything fell into place. I don't think Southampton was the city he was singing about though because it was two years before he finally showed up. 1979; the height of the mod revival. Now he was saying things to a million other teenage boys, as well as me. The Jam had become the biggest band around. They were on tour, promoting their fourth album Setting Sons. And I had a ticket.

To be continued here

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