Andy of RefleX, our official supplier, the DVD content.

The Ltd Deluxe CD+DVD Edition of Sonik Kicks i can confirm has two bonus audio tracks in Starlite and Devotion, so an added incentive. This is also going to be very limited and will probably be deleted on Monday of release, so if you haven't already, get one ordered from your local emporium. These are going to be (apparently) more thin on the ground than relative releases of last few years. Of course, there's a vinyl edition too..

RefleX, the last shop Standing


pete said...

hi,its pete from the backinthefire blogspot,anybody got a link to the pauls boutique weller blog? my pc crashed and the harddrive was wiped out,on reboot all my favs had gone and i cant find it anywhere,anyone help or pass on yanns email?

YV said...


Yann ;)