Championed by Madness on the cover LP: InDeED!

"Hello !

My name is Judge FrEdD.

You certainly don't know my band called InDeED. A lazy band, but a true friendship, so once a year we meet, have some rehearsals and do a gig for friends.

But, one of you may know my band cos in 2009 we did a cover of "The Sun and The Rain", a Madness track. It's available on the Madness 30 years Anniversary Tribute CD and a video I did with my nieces (tell no one, I didn't pay them...) can be viewed here :

As I said before, we are a bit lazy , so thousand years later, here is the new track, [6512] by InDeED. Original stuff this time.

Please, take 2 minutes and 8 sec to listen to it, it's on our blog or here:

Please be kind with the sound, it's just a rehearsal / demo reworked track but we are delighted to make it public. And....how could I say, it's a question of time here in France ! On the Sixth of May 2012, fingers crossed for a change...

Thanks for reading, thanks for listening and of course thanks Yann for letting me take time here on the cornershop of the man

All your comments (good or bad) are welcome. If you like it, make, please, the InDeEd [6512] link available on your pages. Thanks a lot !

Judge Fredd (InDeEd)

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