An advice from SoulBrutha Dave (Andy is a fan too): The Right now!

SoulSistas And SoulBruthas! Got another tasty little blast of music for you to check out. The sophomore album from Chicago's up and coming Soul outfit, The Right Now has been spinning at HSB HQ since the vinyl arrived a few days ago. It's such an impressive follow up that really takes this band to the next level. They just hit the road and I caught them in between gigs on their way to Philadelphia and asked them about the journey from their promising debut to, what I consider one of the best records released this year so far. Listen the music here

Congrats on a great sophomore album. I'm really digging the mature progression of your sound. You can really hear everyone just getting better all way round, playing, singing and writing. I'm interested in the journey from the first album to this. How did you arrive here? We made our first record, Carry Me Home, soon after the genesis of the band. We'd only recently solidified our lineup and hadn't spent very much time touring or arranging the material. Don't get me wrong--we definitely thought we were prepared to go into the studio and cut a mostly live record. I think we were pretty naive about what it takes to make a killer live recording under the pressure and time constraints of the studio. Carry Me Home turned out great, but it took a lot of studio time and massaging from our producers to get a top-notch product. To be continued here

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