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SoulSistas And SoulBruthas! I don't usually focus on one artist, but I'm a bit of a massive fan of UK music legend, Paul Weller. I've been following him since way back in 1986 when I saw The Style Council in concert on MTV. Over the years I've seen him change in many ways, especially musically. It was Paul who really got me into my obsession for old Soul records by playing some of his on the BBC about a decade ago. It was called Paul Weller's Vinyl Classics!.  Paul's past three albums have seen him experimenting with all types of genres, and I respect that, but I love it when he sticks to simple well written Soul inspired songs. I wanted to sequence the best of those songs from said LP's for, what I consider, a real solid English Soul record. I think I succeeded, but I'll let you be the judge. This one goes out to all my fellow PW friends around the world. You know who you are!
Peace and SOUL,
HSB DaveB.

Illustration by: Dodger

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