Rise and Fall of the Cornershop. Please vote. ;)

Hi gang, Don't really know why but, honest, there's less and less people browsing the blog every day. The best days? Around 350 people read it every day and now, it's around 180/200. Would like to understand, would you please check the survey on the right of the page? I've a few ideas about it but i'm starting to think it became a bit pointless to keep a blog alive because of different things: infos are everywhere, Facebook is everyone's blog, etc... Take two minutes to let me know. ;) All the best. Yann

PS: First results show a massive influence of Facebook, a lack of time (less posts?) and a permanent Weller request! THANX a lot for the very interesting comments I had yet. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Yann. What happened to 'Paul's Bootique'? 'removed', why? James

Anonymous said...

Yann, I check Cornershop frequently and enjoy all the Weller material as well as most of the other artists that you include, new and old. I don't Facebook, Myspace etc., so this is my main source of Weller news here in the US - certainly not his official site.

I suspect that the aging Weller demographic is slowly becoming busier with family, work, life, etc., and spend less time on their musical interests. I know that most of my friends have all but given up following current music, satisfied with listening to their old favorites. Others tell me they only play children's music in their cars...I can not imagine??? Although he's hopefully still making new, younger fans, it's undeniable that Weller's core audience is still 35+.

There is also the possibility that the increasingly modern sound of the last three albums has turned off more fans that it has gained. I love them and would hate for all of any artist's albums to sound the same, but my friends who are casual Weller listeners have generally not been so positive.

Thank you for all of your effort with the site, I have really enjoyed browsing over the last few years. I certainly understand your reasons to consider giving it a rest but hope that you keep it up. We all enjoy your frequent updates, but don't feel pressured to keep up that pace, especially between albums when there is less to report. I have looked around and there really is no better resource for Weller news on the internet.

Best wishes!

Simon said...

Hi Yann,

One of the things that must have bearing on the numbers is the way people access the site, accessing using readers like many do now whether on a pc or mobile device doesn't register as a hit on stat counters does it?

Fundamentally though, I believe if you have a personal music blog like The Cornershop you have to ignore the numbers, if you go chasing the 'hits' it would be easy to lose sight of why you started the blog in the first place and carried it for so long - for every blog that lasts a more than a year there must be a hundred that fail for one reason or another.

If you're tired of doing it, if you're not inspired to do it any more ,if making time is detrimental to other aspects of your life etc then stop, but don't stop because of the numbers, it's idealistic yes, but I view your blog and others I follow as being as much about the author as they are about the content, of course it's about the music, spreading the word, but it's about your thoughts, likes and opinions too.

Maybe trying changing things around a bit would help you get back some enthusiasm for the blog - new blog design, regular themed feature perhaps, personal thoughts and stories on the music you love, mix the bootlegs in with the news, guest bloggers, increase your links. Maybe just a break from it for a month or so?

Whatever decision you make, respect for what's come before.


Cpt.Stax said...

I still surf Yann's blog on a daily basis, and sometimes he's able to surprise me with interesting new stuff, footage, photos, magazines. So thanks mate.

I am personally not interested in download stuff from here, sometimes a good suggestion is better than a free download, but let's be honest and cynics, the "high numbers" this blog had (and other blogs) were made due to free available recordings, bootleg, live or official. there's no other reason for a fall imho, and its not a fall in quality at all, I wouldnt be too worried Yann, less is more..

Anonymous said...

Greetings Yann,

Yours is quite simply the best music site on the web. The Cornershop is the first place I go to find news, not just about Weller but a whole host of artists. In fact, you've introduced me to more great music purchases than any other source the last several years running.

Keep up your brilliant work & many thanks!

Tim Parker
Baltimore, MD

Onebrieflife said...

Kia Ora Yann

I'm a regular follower from New Zealand, and have often felt guilty at not posting any acknowledgement or thanks for all the time and effort you obviously put in to help keep people like me informed - it is greatly appreciated!

I'm not into Facebook,twitter etc and don't feel the need to constantly tell other people my opinion on everything I or they are doing.... Though I do love the Internet and being able to feel a connection with oher kindred spirits through places like your site.

I remember feeling very disappointed when you announced dropping the exclusive Weller focus, but have since come to love being introduced to a new sound or story that I otherwise may never have come across at this end of the world.

Like others have said, please don't be driven by the numbers...
Thank you for what you are doing!
Keep the faith...
New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Quelquefois cela prend des plombes pour consulter ton blog, a cause des videos qui sont "lourdes" je suppose , donc cela peut etre rebarbatif et un repoussoir.