Setting stones? (Courtesy of Alex)

A SCULPTURE inspired by music legends The Jam has been unveiled in Woking. The band's former drummer Rick Buckler unveiled the three oak towers outside new flats in Guildford Road around 3pm today (July 12). 

The monoliths are said to each represent the three members of The Jam which formed in the town and are famous for hits such as That's Entertainment and The Eton Rifles.
It was made by artist Richard Ian Heys and was commissioned by Barratt Homes as part of a major redevelopment of Woking's town centre.
He said: "I'm delighted with the sculpture. The whole process has been met with some really great positive energy.
"It was chosen for its impact and also because of the symbolic nature. It's in three elements and instantly reflects the nature of The Jam."
Heys, 48, worked with The Jam and 130 pupils from  Woking College, Woking High School, St John the Baptist School and Bishop David Brown school to come up with the design.
Buckler said: "I would like to thank the pupils of Bishop David Brown, St John the Baptist, Woking College and Woking High School and the creative work of Richard Heys for their ideas, hard work and inspiration to create a sculpture to be as proud of as we are of being part of The Jam."
Heys, of East Sussex, played hits by The Jam and talked about the group during clay workshops to inspire pupils.
He added: "I was just bowled over by the enthusiasm of the kids. I think 97 per cent of them were really in to it and really enjoyed it.
"It was a bit different for them - to have a clay workshop and talk to this crazy artist. I think they really enjoyed it."
Using a chainsaw, Heys carved the towers from oak trees which he travelled across the country to find.
He said: "It's quite an abstract piece. The sculpture is designed to be looked at from different angles and forms a relationship with you over time.
"I think you could look at it as if you have the drummer, the bassist, and the vocalist."
He added: "When I listened to The Jam it struck me how good it is and how incredibly tight they were as musicians.
"In the sculpture I made a small circular space between them and that represents the harmony that they had together as musicians."
The Jam's frontman Paul Weller, who wrote Town Called Malice based on his teenage experience of Woking, has endorsed the sculpture.
He said: "I'm proud that The Jam has inspired this great piece of artwork for Woking.
"It's an honour to have this in my home town and to know all the hard work that has gone into making this special.
"Thank you to everyone involved that has made this possible."

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