Shameful Self Promo, our second LP. I'm the bass player on it...

Available Worldwide! Contact me: yann.viseur@sfr.fr
12 Euros including P&P

The first one (Interlude, 2007) was a live recording; Three days in the studio and you take the best takes. This one has been recorded during several months, with work, rework, despair and hope... Enjoy the Mixcloud or just buy it to have something very special in your cd deck! The Lament was an attempt to show how a french guy, with the french accent could be lost in big corporations of today...

Philippe Collette, Ac and Elect guitars.
Jacques Devos, Keys.
Enzo Urli: Drums
Jean Paul Varlet: Voice(s)
Yann Viseur: Bass

Sealed, cristal box, 8 pages booklet... Translation on demand! 

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