Weller, Stu, Bax...(And Jason Holmes' interview)

Weller was a teacher! 

Mark Baxter and Stuart Deabill interview, full show, Monday. Stay Tuned! 

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Writer Mark Baxter talks to Jason Holmes about the inspiration behind his novel The Mumper, and the struggle he faced in bringing it to the big screen as Outside Bet, a new film starring Bob Hoskins and Jenny Agutter. South of the river, Saturday afternoon, Camberwell Church Street. We meet at Caravaggio. Mark Baxter is in a good mood, and with good reason. 'My whole family's from Camberwell,' he says after we've ordered. 'This place is in my blood.'  TBC HERE

Outside Bet is also noteworthy for its soundtrack. 'Paul Weller very kindly donated a song to the film. I sent him a copy of The Mumper and he loved it. I think the father-son story struck a chord with him. Paul asked if I needed some music, then told me he had a song for the film. He sent me No Need To Be Alone. It's a tune with a 1940s pub song feel to it. The producers loved it, and that's how it found its way onto the soundtrack. I'll be eternally grateful to Paul for that,' says Mark.

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