Richard Hawley opens up about his new album, Examiner...

Richard Hawley is an artist who has filled many roles in the music industry for years, decades really. His intelligent lyrics and guitar mastery are showcased in the music he makes album after album. Hawley's seventh studio album Standing At The Sky’s Edge has been reviewed as a bit of a departure from his signature sound but when I caught up with him he classified it as a progression that was molded by the loss of relationships and friends. You won’t find this seasoned artist embittered though, jaded maybe, but with an impeccable sense of humor still in tact.

With that in mind find out what he told me about the writing of his album and why he claims his dog, Freddy, should be given credit for some of the lyrical content. I guarantee his dry wit and light hearted banter will make you laugh...at least a couple of times.

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