Angry...just a thought.

Deciated to all the unsigned bands, to all the musicians who eagerly try to record.

About the new way to sell VIP tickets (OCS) : I didn't know there was VIP in the Mod audience, shouldn't play that kind of game... A fan, me? Oh yes, from the very beginning anf I even went (From France...) to Brum without a ticket (the DVD day at the O2) and couldn't find a spare one, stayed out at the doors, but that new system, VIP, Extra mega über deluxe edition with hidden instrumentals is really bad, awful, completely negative. Remastered (why didn't you master it good the first time? first mastering gauranteed, remixes, extended, enhanced... Can't you do the work in a correct way when you release the first CD? Should think to the teenagers, in a record store with 15 quids to spend. He has to chose! What am I? what is he in the audience, a Lower Important person? LIP access? Are souls for sale today? I've preordered the next LP, yes. I'm a loyal fan, love the music, spend all my money in music when I can, I have genuine copies of all my favourite bands. It's an awful "fake gift" culture, buy a TV and you'll get a phone, buy a record and you'll get an extra bonus... It's just ugly. 

Is there any Under 18 special price, you know the  young fan who came 60 miles away on his scoot? Is there any unemployed version with special reduction? Is there any Social Included Access? Is there any free tracks for real people? Is there any Sandinista spirit floating around there? The Clash didn't get a single penny before 100 000 copies because they wanted to keep it cheap. It was the times record selling were really different, I know but they did something, they tried. You don't. 

Make a record, sell it, will buy it, make the choices, cut the tracklist (to create is to chose, eh?) and sell it for ALL the basic fans, the same way. Can't understand that new way to find the dough... It's not an OCS syndrom but it's bad. Private gigs are for who? People who's got some quids. I don't. I can understand it for all the brilliant musicians who really have to make ends meet, really, no problem, they can't do a record today and it's very sad according to their talent, which is real, but million sellers shouldn't do it, they will ride other dead horses. And lose their very loyal audience. The football syndrom, like in the Ken Loach's movie, when the working class lads are in the pub, watching football on TV because they just can't go yo the ground. Wrong way, I feel a bit humiliated. Won't buy anymore f***** Deluxe edition. Bring us fresh music, go to the studio and do like us, like all the musicians who try to survive: Work. An LP a year and a single every two months. We're gonna lose faith too. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. I feel the same way about all those deluxe editions and the concert seating VIP/LIP service.

Deluxe editions,MFSL,DVD audio and SACD reissues, etc. from even newly issued discs. What a shame. I just hope the musicians are seeing a good portion of that money.

Cpt.Stax said...

I'm becoming very radical with age... once I used to buy again and again an album I liked, searching for the perfect 'audiophile' version. Then the digraceful decision I made in the mid 80s to follow the only "future of music" (CD) means I bought again all my fave albums. And again and again (how many bloody remasters re-did Costello in the last 20 years?) Now I think and I strongly believe an album should be played the way it was originally conceived and released. No cleaning, no remixes, no bonus tracks. I have the original vinyl of Revolver and still sounds good enough. All the rest is fan's exploitation.