Miles Kane's single, High and Loud review.

Totally unexpected. There's absolutely no other adjective to describe what we thought when we heard the first single from Miles Kane's forthcoming album. Forget Jake Bugg, forget The Vaccines, forget Eugene Mc Guinness, forget Noel Gallagher, forget, ,well, everything. Miles Kane is making the sexiest and most rock n' roll return we've seen so far.

Clad in a tiny leather jacket and skin-tight dark jeans, the Liverpudlian is releasing what can be considered a rock n' roll anthem. Two minutes and fifty-three seconds of screaming guitars, brilliant vocals, efficient lyrics, heart-thumping rythmic line. With Give Up, Miles Kane does not turn his back on his mod days but clearly opens his songwriting to a broader range of Britrock. And if his first album was packed with great tunes like Come Closer or the fantastic My Fantasy, this particular single wins over all of them. TBC Here

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