The Saints are back... A review by Shane Pinnegar.

Chris Bailey is revered around the world as a punk legend on the strength of The Saints scathing first three albums, released 1977 – 1978 and spawning such era-defining songs as I’m Stranded, Demolition Girl and Know Your Product.

That initial incarnation of the band imploded rapidly, and Bailey went on to create an enormous amount of music both under his own name, leading multiple line-ups of The Saints, and in collaboration with a myriad of different artists in a myriad of different styles.
He’s never revisited the coruscating punk aggression of that debut Saints album, but he remains the quintessential punk rock artist – he does what he wants, when he wants, and he cares little how he is viewed for doing so.  Take his most recent jaunt through Europe for almost two years playing with a French band, or his eccentric (to say the least) appearance on SBS TV show Rockwiz a few years ago for proof. TBC HERE

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