I Will Be Me: Interview with Dave Davies, New Album, Spirituality, & Sharing a Bill with the Beatles

Supplying the bad-ass growling fuzz-powered gonzo guitar solo that ignites the Kinks’ proto-metal classic You Really Got Me would have guaranteed Kinks lead guitarist Dave Davies speedy entry into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
As such, Dave – along with fellow Kinks band mates Ray Davies, Pete Quaife and Mick Avory – was eventually inducted into that hallowed institution in 1990, through the course of his alternately tumultuous and triumphant career with the legendary British rock outfit and his acclaimed solo work, he’s rightfully recognized as a defining figure among England’s rock elite.
dave davies i will be me

Now in 2013, Dave Davies is back with a solid solo album, I Will Be Me (pick up a copy from our Online Store here), which combines the spirited aggression and fevered frenzy of prime Kinks “klassics” like You Really Got MeAll Day and All of the Night and Til the End of the Day on the supercharged Little Green Amp. The album is also represented by more reflective and introspective fare, such as the song When I First Saw You.
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