Steve White about UK music today...

(Steve White, again...) X factor dominates because nothing is there to compete with it, and names like Sonos and Spotify have replaced Universal and Hitachi, its all changing really fast, the biggest elephant in the room for me is the inability for any young musician to not have a cat in hells chance of making any significant money from recorded music, the main sources within the next few years will be Youtube and Streaming sites and the rates they pay to artists are simply not enough to sustain a creative and thriving UK music industry. Always a few breaking the norm, bands like Bastille and The Vaccines, but in general its like opening a shop every morning full of beautiful handbags, clothes, apples, anything! and saying how do we make money and run a business without getting any significant revenue from what we create, its that simple people! and it needs to change. The UK music scene is basically having the oxygen to its very life blood very slowly strangled, not being negative just telling the truth.

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