Shock the Monkeys? (info by Niels) A Paul Weller Mix to DL.

The Blow Monkeys Are Back!

Monkey 2

Dear Friends.

The rumours are true! The rumblings were right! A mere 18 years after their last album all four original members of The Blow Monkeys are back and ready to do it all over again.! Gigs are being booked , new songs written , suits are being fitted!...all bets are off and its time to get busy.

Only this time things are different . This time there will be no monolithic, multinational middle man coming between you dear listener, and the music.
No body corporate sucking the life out of it all. There has been a musical revolution and we are all the benefactors .Together we can make this happen...

The Blow Monkeys need your valuable help.

We want to make an album free of record company executives and PR spin.
An album for the fans. Raw and funky. Essential Blow Monkey music. Simian Soul. Primate Punk. Delicious melodic Glam Jazz that only Blow Monkeys know how...but this time with your input and backing.

How? It's easy...

We need you to pledge £15 (+ P&P) towards the cost of recording, producing, manufacturing and marketing our new album.
If we can get 1000 pledges, we will record the new album in January and in return promise you the following;

1. A signed, numbered brand new album delivered directly to your door.
2. Your name incorporated into the album's artwork as a thank you from the band.
3. A personal thank you letter signed by all of us.
4. Your name in a draw to win 4 tickets to one of our live shows in 2008.
5. Regular video updates of the recording process via the website so you can see the album taking shape.

This has been a long time coming but with your help we can truly achieve something extraordinary. Putting you the "fans" at the heart of it all..
Helping us achieve our musical vision...together.

Robert, Mick, Tony and Nev
The Blow Monkeys

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