The Style council, unboxed.

Well, actually I can't remember where it comes from! Help!
A collection of different versions of TSC songs and remixes.

The complete tracklisting is:

  1. Money-go-round (dance mix)
  2. The Paris Match DC lee
  3. A solid bond in your heart (instrumental)
  4. You're the dub thing
  5. Shout to the top, instrumental
  6. Soul deep
  7. The lodgers (club mix)
  8. The lodgers (extended mix)
  9. Have you ever had it blue? (OST mix)
  10. It didn't matter (instr)
  11. Waiting (instr)
  12. Françoise (Theme from Jerusalem)
  13. The cost
  14. Spank
  15. Promised land (pianopella)
  16. Promised land (Joe Smooth alternate remix)
  17. Can you still love me? (club vocal)
  18. Can you still love me? (12 O'clock dub).
Enjoy! :)

Unboxed Part One
Unboxed Part Two


A.J. said...

i downloaded this collection long time ago and still amazing me!!! thanks for this labour of love to all weller/jam/tsc fans around world!!!

thanks yann from Peru!!!


MartinV said...

some god versions

thanks yann

best wishes

Anonymous said...

this is brilliant - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody! I'm a more recent discoverer of the amazing Paul Weller and the whole Style Council- these are some musicians! I'd love to get this album but it's been taken off the link, could anybody care to share this gem? I'd really appreciate it! My email is edelalto@gmail.com