Bournemouth Blues, So Sad About Us.

Hi Gang,
Yesterday I had an awful surprise. I've booked two ticks to go from France to Bournemouth for Paul Weller's gig and the booking was ok... till I had another message to tell me my credit card number was wrong, the three last numbers of the security zone changed... the day before and I didn't notice, can't be worst date... Well, I guess you can imagine how disappointed I am today. So if you've two tickets for sale for any reason, can't go there anymore because... Please drop me a line...I'll buy your tickets with paypal with a "greetings tax"!
All the best! :)

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Pedro said...

These Bournemouth ticket sale has been absurd. They said it started on Saturday, then seetickets said you had to call the venue, impossible, and the web page did not work, then when it worked it said that it was all "sold out". By that time you could already find tickets on the internet at 100 pounds. Somebody is making a lot of money out of it. Is this normal? Did they really sell all the tickets in that short time? Weird, to say the least. Best reagrds