The Who Encore Series (benefit)

As in the past, the audio for the CD's and DVD's will be a "Live Mix" by The Who engineering team, and pressed onto high-quality manufactured discs - not CD-R's or DVD-R's.

As always, the profits from The Who Encore Series will go to charities designated by the band.

So here is a complete CD, the Metz 2006 gig (France).

  1. Can't explain
  2. The Seeker
  3. Anyway, anyhow, anywhere
  4. Who are you
  5. Behind blue eyes
  6. Real good looking boy
  7. Drowned
  8. Mike Post theme
  9. Baba O'Riley
  10. Naked Eye


"Hope I'll" sing "till the day I die"? (Splinterites rest house in 2045?)

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