The first contest!

Hi gang,

it's time to play with us, our first contest has begun! Well, you're not gonna win two weeks in Hawaïï or a complete backstage pass but with the very precious help of Enzo (LG Clim France), "The" John Hellier and Andy Ferguson, the Splinters record Store, I can swear there's gifts to win (cds, books, USB digit prints keys!). For this contest, our international referee will be John Hellier and if you're in trouble you will have to deal with the man! Any answer will be read and re-read by John and myself. If there is several good answers, time will be the rule, the faster you are... If you publish your answers on the list or on the d box here, it will be cancelled.

We made ten questions about Weller and the Mods. Please, be really careful, you only have to answer to my adress: yviseur@free.fr !!!

Be really careful to not post your answers on the list!

1) What the main difference between the two "Maybe I'm amazed" version in the Faces CD box?

2) "Maybe I'm amazed" has been produced by Paul for another artist, who?

3) Where did I shoot this Mod target?

4) Why this photo, even if it's not the same Weller is related to Paul in a way?

5) Paul Recently asked to someone "have you forgiven me because I nicknamed you Smokey..."? Who is it?

6) When did he say "I was born a mod, you can bury me a mod"?

7) The same song has been sung by Paul Weller and Marvin Gaye. Which one?

8) Why Paul didn't cover any Small Faces songs on Studio 150?

9) Which Canvey Island/Southend band of the 1970s influenced The Jam with regards to wearing black suits on stage?

9) With regards to question 8. The lead guitarist of this band was a major influence on Pauls style of guitar playing. Paul was and still is a big fan. Who is it?

10) Which Motown classic did The Jam nick the bass riff of "Town Called Malice" from?

11) Which Paul's song should you listen to if you're in trouble to answer?

12) Who is the new Paul Weller's drummer? (This one is a joke...)

We'll publish the results in a week or two! Special gift for the funniest answer!

The international well-known and respected John Hellier is your referee in case of doubt about my own knowledge!

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