Rumours : here comes the new drummer? (according John Power's site). News from Gareth Simmons.

Steve Pilgrim on drums, soft and folky drummer?

Influences: Elliot Smith, Nick Drake, Paul Simon, the Band, Bob Dylan, Radiohead, Paul Wellered, Jeff Buckley Johnny Cash, Yoshio Akeboshi, Bjork, Talking Heads, and all those liverpool noise makers.

His solo LP review:

Steve Pilgrim 5/5 Reviewed by Rikki Wright

Steve Pilgrim has a wonderfully clear and fresh quality to his music, like a cool drink of water after a long walk on a hot dusty road. This album is a welcome relief after the music by numbers poor quality fare doled out by some of the big name artists.
Steve’s beautiful music stood head and shoulders above all the other cds that came in for review this week.
Acoustic rather than folk, this music has a broad and instant appeal, with gorgeous songs superbly performed and sung. I defy anyone not to be deeply moved by ‘Owl On Roof’ and ‘Lover, love her.’
There’s something here that’s reminiscent of C,S,N,Y, Simon and Garkfunkel, and Nick Drake, but it is so much more than that. Steve’s excellent distinctive voice will leave you begging for more. The amazing thing is that he is not an international star - yet. He is another of the magnificent undiscovered local musicians who you can still catch playing the local venues. One word of warning though - once you’ve heard this music, you just won’t be able to do without it.

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