The Cheesemakers! :) Andy's band.

Biography: Originally formed many moons ago for a one-off appearance in a pub car park, The Cheesemakers have gone from strength to strength since then. The band quickly worked up a set of original songs and set their stall out to go against the grain of cover band domination in their native North East, a manifesto which remains true to this day.

The speed and dexterity with which the band went about assembling a good live set was demonstrated by the fact that none of the original songs in that 1st gig survived this far. Material is constantly replaced by newer, fresher models. Carefully nurturing their collective influences of Television, Iggy Pop, The Jam, The Clash, The Who and The Kinks, a sound developed which was truly their own. A succinct blend of crashing power chords and fluid choruses infest every Cheesemakers song and quickly lure the listener in with instant hum-ability. Delve deeper and you find influences as diverse as Elvis Costello, Spirit, U2, Pavement, The Doors and early Adam & The Ants.

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