Let The Jools Times Roll! (Yesterday's gig review)

I'm french (nobody's perfect, lol, I'm used to do cds and gigs reviews in french but to talk about music in english... It's hard!) and true soul and real pop are really rare here on television. We are on the Kingdom of what we call "variety" and Celine Dion is a kind of absolute role model for many tv singers. They really often sing on themselves... Nothin' to add. Indie band are not so bad but no need to search them on TV... Cable Tv and DVD from times to times, that's all.

So I do admire the great work Jools has done since so many years to bring people the best music on TV, to discover and to put under the sunlights new artists and because I am a 42 Weller Maniac, I owe him very much.

Yesterday night I was in Brussels, two hours far from home to see the band and O Boy, what a big slap in my face...

I didn't expect much because I knew the band as a backing band, it was a way for me to have a stroll in the Weller Zone, always ready to go in THAT zone and always ready for a gig (What do you want for Christmas, Son? Ticks, mom. Again? Again. Sure? sure.) and don't need special reason to drive my car, with my so cool wife in (except about The Zombies Darling, you're very cool. lol), and go to Brussels for another show: next will be Bettye Lavette Tuesday...I was happy to see the band who played with Paul on so many occasions... That was it, nothing more when I came into the venue... I have to admit I thought it was just a band to have some fun: records are not available here...

Well, what a mistake, it's a GREAT band, a fantastic groove machine who can play and sing everything... True Rythm'n'blues killers at any place in the Orchestra...True musicians, everyone is in, tight to the tempo and serves the others when it's time to have a chorus.

Couldn't believe my eyes, my ears, and my feet moved of their own. I DID appreciate the way Jools shared music with people, with the band, no star, just the best music in many styles...Even Reggae with Rico the trombonist on vocals.

Groovy mellow mood all along the two hours. Honestly, it's maybe not the last next big thing but who cares?

Everyone is a perfect model in the way he or she uses instrument, a perfect sense of timing, the way to fill the space, silence, etc.

Everyone smiles in the Orchestra and in the Crowd. I did appreciate it cause I'm really upset by bands with no intensity who forget it's a fantastic opportunity to be paid for playin... Jools sings perfectly and his voice fits ok with the songs catalogue he plays. What can I say about the female vocalists, The so called "Queen of boogie Woogie" Ruby Turner (She recently launched her new album "Live at Ronnie Scott's") and this young lady, as pretty as a soul addict dream...Louise Marshall.

They blasted off the "Ancienne Belgique" and the crowd were very enthusiast. Gilson Lavis is a very elegant drummer, his technique is perfect but he never plays to show he knows, he plays to serve the band in a very subtile touch and style, from rythm and blues to up-tempo. Phil Veacock on Tenor Saxophone is the entertainer, I don't know when he takes time to breath... Nick Lunt as the very rare Barytone Sax player he is, brings a touch of early days rythm'n'blues and rock'n'roll sound... What a perfect brass sections: Trumpets, Alto sax, Tenor sax, Barytone, and three trombonists!

Lisa Grahame is a fantastic soloist on Alto Saxophone.
She plays in a so fluent way, everything is cool and easy... She's so technical you completely forget the ... technique but be sure she's a true cat on sax. Mark Flanagan is the absolute opposite of that so boring guitar zerhoes. He knows to play as light as possible when it's not the time. When this man takes a solo , in his so classy style to handle his guitar, just have to listen the way he plays. Not any unnecessary note... Many shredders should listen him.

Music was yesterday the absolute definition of beauty and The Band I saw was the perfect Utopia, a place to share and to be happy with others. Music, Actually...

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