My ever changing moods. Results.

The Council of blog Style had a meeting...

Will post still many infos and things to read as a daily magazine, gigs review AND not too much things to DL... Flavio and Dave are right, you don't even time enough to enjoy the dl... We also have a normal life! :) I think it will be ok this way. Keep on suggestin! :)

All the best, Enjoy.



MartinV said...

there is no right answers to your questions.
everyone of the posters above stated some good points. and if 10 more would post there thoughts there were a minimum of 10 more good points about this thing.

the best thing is that you do what you wanna do and in that amount and release cycles as you want.

you can't do it right for everyone. so make right for you.

your blog won't be successfull as it is if all were bad.

so keep up the good work in any cycles you want and post what you want.

we love your blog.

best wishes

P.S. don't get discouraged. don't loose heart about the not posters.
(it's nearly everywhere (blog/forum)the same)

N.D. said...

Yann, sorry that there will be no more downloads. I always was searching for the new download stuff. Hope you'll be not missing that part.


Yann said...

Don't worry, there will be more downloads, not so often because many people just told me they don't have time to listen it and it's a part of the pleasure! :)