My ever changing moods.

Hi people,

eh... never a comment, never an opinion, nothing is the c box, even for band like the Badge or the new Marriott. What do you want me to do in that blog, just a download fountain or are you just visiting anf forget to write anything. The badge Worth a comment, don't you think? Honest, tell me, the equation is: no Weller, no interest?

Friends are writing (Liz, Patricia, Ian S, Flav, Vanou, Dave, Martin) but I really wonder if the blog takes the wrong direction. Then tell me, ok? I'm trying, with friends you know, to make a kind of constantly renewed magazine... Maybe I post too much things?

All the best... Wondering Yann! :)


Cpt.stax said...

if you want my personal and honest answer to your last question is -yes-. the blog is always very interesting (expecially for your readers not sub'd to splinters, smallfaces and modrophenia) but there are too many of your messages on those lists and 'too many' makes the opposite effect than desired, if you know what I mean.

multi-daily updates are too much imho. if you upload too quicly we havent time to enjoy what we have downloaded! just my opinion mate, maybe others think differently.

ciao flav

Yann said...

Thanx for that very honest opinion, Cpt Staw... sometimes Better is the ennemy of good! :) Two days a post? Three? What you think? Dave was on the same line too and another french splinter. Twice a week?

Tell me. I'm new in that kind of job! :)

All the best, Flavio! :)

HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...


I'm not so sure you should limit what you post. It's your blog and you can post whatever you like. Just don't expect everyone to like or be interested in everything.

I think Capt. Stax is right. I think that your blog is popular enough at this point not to send out a notice on other lists every time you post something. Perhaps that's needed if you only post a few times a week. With Weller Exclusives I only post over there 2 or three times a month, so I'll send out notices. But I visit The Cornershop every day and I'm sure loads of folks do as you have lots more visitors.

This place is GREAT!! One of the best Weller blogs out there. Keep doing your thing my Brutha!!!!

Peace and SOUL,

Niels K. Petersen said...

I'm glad that you post a lot, but I am not the kind of guy who usually comments on posts on blogs. By the way, I usually read your posts in Google Reader, so I only view the feeds of the posts, and, well, that makes it easier for reading but means that writing requires a bit more effort.

Anyway, anyone who has made a blog, fanzine or something like that will know that you don't get so much feedback, but that people still appreciate what you're doing :-)

Some times you even have to provoke people to get them to say something :-)

Yann said...

Thanx a lot guys! :) You're true friends. ;)

Yann said...


MartinV said...

there is no right answers to your questions.
everyone of the posters above stated some good points. and if 10 more would post there thoughts there were a minimum of 10 more good points about this thing.

the best thing is that you do what you wanna do and in that amount and release cycles as you want.

you can't do it right for everyone. so make right for you.

your blog won't be successfull as it is if all were bad.

so keep up the good work in any cycles you want and post what you want.

we love your blog.

best wishes

P.S. don't get discouraged. don't loose heart about the not posters.
(it's nearly everywhere (blog/forum)the same)