Steve Marriott: All or Nuffin' (Mick's review)

Received my copy of the new Steve Marriott 2-cd set "All Or Nuffin"
and from start to finish the tracks are brilliant. Small Faces fans
also will not be disappointed with the inclusion of 3 Small Faces
classics "Whatcha Gonna Do About It", "All Or Nothing" & "Itchycoo
Park". The cd's are a live set from Steve's last performances in Germany
along with fellow musicians Jim Leverton on bass, and Alan "Sticky"
Wickett on drums helped along cool audience participation!

I was talking to Dave Summerfield tonight and he said "One point of
interest from the concert CD - its a bloody good version of Itchycoo
Park"! and I totally agree! It's not just the excellent musicianship
but what struck me most was Steve's voice. Around the 80s because of
lung bursting abuse to his vocal cords Steve's vox sounded a little
strained at times [although still excellent might I add] but coming
up to his later years his voice seemed to have smoothed out again and
for me on this cd set Steve sounds as good as his latter day Humble
Pie days - awesome!!

Steve sure has a great ear for a fine tune as well and also included
in this set is songs from Chuck Berry, and Ray Charles to name but a
few. Top tunes on here for me is Chuck's 'Memphis Tennessee", and the
driving beatin' rhythm of "Some Kind Of Wonderful" [which the Faces
plagiarised for their song "Three Button Hand Me Down"]. Mr Pitiful
as well, played here from Steve with blinding blues riffs.

CD2 "Be My Guest" is an absolutely superb bonus cd of songs Steve
guessed on either on backing vocals, guitar & producing. My favourite
I think is Traffic's "Berkshire Poppies" were Steve is heard laughing
and joking and ad-libbing - wonderful memories.

The sleeve notes need a good mention as well because of the inclusion
of a "Steve Marriott Groupography" - Dates & Trivia from 1964 - 1991
[and prior to 1964] are included of ALL Steve Marriott's bands from
The Moonlighters, The Frantics, The Momments, Small Faces, Humble
Pie, The Blackberries, The All-stars, The Firm, Packet Of Three,
Official Recievers, The DT's, The Next Band, I Should Co-Co - lots to
read on the bands - not to be missed!!

All in all this cd set is a wonderful mixture of Soul, pop & R&B and
probably the best live set you will find from Steve Marriott - treat

Track listing is:

Disc1 : 1. Memphis Tennessee 2. Watch Your Step 3. Some Kind Of Wonderful 4. Big Train Stops At Memphis 5. Watcha Gonna Do About It 6. Talkin' 'Bout You 7. Silly Song 8. Itchycoo Park
9. Mr Pitiful 10. Hallelujah I Love Her So 11. Five Long Years 12. All Or Nothing 13. This Ol' Fool 14. Natural Born Bugie 15. Before You Accuse Me

Disc 2: 1. Why I Sing The Blues - Steve with Cochise 2. Man In Black - with Skip Bifferty 3. Havin' A Good Time - with Herman [Ze German] 4. Rainy Changes - with Pam Stephens
5. Berkshire Poppies - with Traffic 6. Route 66/Be Bop A Lula - [Previously unreleased Humble Pie track] 7. Steve Marriott Interview 1986

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