The Badge's Tenth anniversary. A gift from the boys!

It's been 10 years since the band (and fellow Splinterites) The Badge broke onto the scene.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of the band's first album Digital Retro on October 9th, The Badge are preparing a deluxe version that will include live versions, demos, early versions and mixes and unreleased tracks. But as a special thank you to the Splinters family - which has been so supportive over the years - The Badge have made the original version of Digital Retro available for FREE DOWNLOAD.

Produced by Jeff Slate with Jon Spurney, Christopher Ruth and Alex Alexander.

Engineered by Jeff Slate, Scott Anthony, Jon Spurney and Christopher Ruth.
Additional engineering by Bob Stander and Julian Harris.

Recorded on 4 tracks at ...digital retro... studios (nyc).
Additional recording at Dessau Recording Studio (nyc),
SpurnSound (nyc), Treehouse Recording (nyc), World Studio (nyc),
Avalon (douglaston, ny) and Chris's home studio (new london, ct).

"My Dolly" from tracks originally produced by Simon Townshend.
Executive producer Pete Townshend in association with Kardana
Productions. Additional backing vocals and rhythm guitar by
Simon Townshend. Hammond organ by Josh Phillips-Gorse.

"Watching Rainbows" contains a sample of "Happy Together"
by The Jam. "Love Is Gone" contains a sample of "Dance To
The Music" by Sly & the Family Stone.

And here's the new single:

The Badge - King Without a Country - Single


sidollie said...

yann, thanks for posting this. unfortunately rapidshare won't let me d/l it! andy.

Yann said...

Why? Do you have any trouble with Rapidshare or with the link? Jeff will probably allow me to post it on another place. LMK. ;)

paulvcarnall said...

hi yann,
link working ok for me!!!
and many thanks for this and of course to the badge for letting you host it!!!

sidollie said...

hurrah! it finally worked! thanks yann. andy.