Ian S. Loves Tristan Prettyman... Worth a listen...

I've never been one to analyse music so when i talk about Tristan Prettyman it's about how the music makes me feel rather than she's a singer-songwriter from San Diego with folksy/blues leaning mixed with country and that laid back California feeling ( ok now you know ! ).
To me the music intimate and involving. As with the very best songwriter's she is able to articulate feelings and moments which are very clearly her own but become personal to you when you listen. Songs like Madly and Hello are particular favourites of mine which you can hear streamed on her myspace site.She also writes very catchy pop songs and the latest album Hello...x is very accomplished and successful.
If you want to know more go here or here or indeed here Tristan allows taping of her concerts and for those concerts to made available online so if you go to her main website and the music tab you will be able to download some live stuff for free to see if you like it.
As always if you like it buy some music or if you don't pass it on to someone you think might like it.

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