Andy's debut solo Album! (New link for the lyrics folder)

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that my debut solo album, 'Words Falling On The Page' is released today and can be downloaded for free now HERE.

The package is zipped and comes with the ten music tracks, full colour artwork with massive thanks to our own Tim Stavinrou to be printed and fitted into a PVC sleeve as opposed to a jewel case, lyrics to all ten songs and detailed liner notes.

I'd be very happy indeed if you would give this album a listen, in the proper listening environment, accompanied by both the lyrics and liner notes so that you get the full picture and I'd be overjoyed if you could find time send me your thoughts, either by posting on the Blog or by mailing me direct, afne04343@blueyonder.co.uk , good or bad, detailed or brief, your time would be much much appreciated.

And so I surrender this work to the public and hope you find something from it.

Feel free to copy, distribute, give to relatives for Xmas etc, I want as many people as possible to hear this stuff.

Andy 1st July 2009


The Badge said...

Nice one, Andy! Congrats and all the best. js.

N.D. said...

Great album, Andy... download it a while ago, and just listen to it. Good work!!