Weller at Club Quattro, Hiroshima 2009. Flac files, Artwork by Manu! Enjoy.

(Thanx a lot to Heliocentric).

Part one
Part two
Part three

Alternate downloads links, work in progress (DO NOT mix it with sendspace).

Quattro 1 to 7
Quattro 8 to 13
Quattro CD 1 14 & CD 2 1 to 5
Quattro, Last part

To burn flac files, search "Flac plug in Nero" for instance if you burn with Nero or "Flac plug in something" if you burn with another software...


Mark Edward Lee said...

Oh, lookie-lookie! A delicious new package of music from the one-and-only Mr, Paul Weller! Oh, baby!!
Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!
...Mark Edward Lee in Canada

MartinV said...

thanks Yann. and also Manu.

Best Wishes

Adrian said...

just starting to listen to this, excellent quality, many thanks to the taper and making this available, much appreciated

Yann said...

Yes, Huge thanx to Heliocentric. Wrote him many times without answers and I've sent him Manu's artwork. But he's the one. ;)