Paul's Nicholson and Walcot new scarf, The sartorial adventures of PW!

Here is the Modfather with his new scarf (Photo courtesy of Mark and Louise Baxter). Paul and Lou have designed this new scarf, a new chapter of Paul's sartorial adventures. I'm the very very lucky owner of a Nicholson and Walcot scarf. It's not a clothe accessory, believe me, it's a complete mod experience. It's the first time I feel that kind of emotion, every detail matters in mod clothes but this scarf is unique, you can absolutely feel it. When you're dressed with it, you're suddenly out of the common, you feel dressed like a Lord Mod. Try it, you know my blog, I'm a free sniper and I don't say what I don't think even If I can't say all the things I think! You can really feel the difference between a ready made scarf and that one, that special one, you can feel the work, handcraft, passion behind every fiber, it's for sale, yeah, but it's also a complete labour of love.

Nicholson and Walcot

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Cpt.Stax said...

weller needs to be sponsored by a sunglasses brand immediately! he looks like andy warhol on menstrual day here