Brighton Magazine about Paul's last night.

Paul Weller Projected His Many Moods & Styles @ Brighton Centre Tour Opener

There's too many jesters pretending to be kings. Too many charlatans and not enough innovators. These are the musical times in which we live .. and Paul Weller, 52, ain't havin' none of it.

This year's NME Godlike Genius could just have easily turned up at the Brighton Centre for his two night run, and pulled out the Hit Parade songbook and bashed out 110 minutes of back catalogue classics. In fact, listening to many hanging before the show, that's what was expected.

But today's Paul Weller isn't the single-genre tunnel-minded individual of yore. His musical palette now takes in all styles, all eras and his craft is one of dissection and improvement. If he was once the doctor who diagnosed our social ills .. now he's the innovator finding all that's good and true between the lines of the rulebook.

Also, there's a new look to his stage set-up. The lighting rig matched anything the Centre had seen.

A well-crafted four-screen backdrop projected song related footage and band/crowd mix, which complimented the Weller band's psychedelic arrangements. Screens also flanked either side of the stage which meant Weller's many moods weren't lost to the vastness of the hall.

To be continued here

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