Paul Weller & Steve White - The Cost Of Loving (Japan 1992) Nicked from the Cap. ;)

Yello Club Tokyo, 2nd March 1992, Taken from an exclusive gig, performed by only Paul and Whitey before an audience of competition winners from the Japanese music magazine Takarajima***. Video: from the Japanese Pony Canyon Laserdisc of "Highlights & Hang ups" .


Cpt.Stax said...

pretty silly... somebody else "pilfered" this (easily recognisable) audio I remixed from the bootleg "daydream" just a few hours, maybe few minutes, after I uploaded it, to make a similar video with slightly different footage from the euro version of highlights & hangups, without even asking.... bah...at least my footage has a chronological reason: all images are from 1991/1992, the "other" video doesnt.

happy xmas (short) holidays all
the cap

YV said...

I am SILLY? ;) Thanx for this video. ;)

Cpt.Stax said...

no you are not yann LOL! you are always a gentleman.

I mean somebody on youtube called "weller world" who pilfered this audio I remixed (so I know perfectly the source :o)) and in a matter of minutes, uploaded another video, very similar, of the same song. the reasons escape me, he could share my video like you did! no big deal anyway.