Another nice story about Pop'n'foot! Virage Tracks, Johan Micoud's label.

Pop 'n Foot, le teaser from Virage Tracks on Vimeo.

I had several posts about Football and music, the connections between football and fashion have been brilliantly proved many times by Mark Baxter and Paolo Hewitt in the book I've spoken here before. Mike Cobley told me recently after the League cup final than Birmingham city won, "music and football are from the same egg".

French label "Virage tracks" is a new and very interesting one. The label produces the excellent Richard Jones, Welsh, as an example and I'll speak of him very soon. The French football player Johan Micoud was a very excellent one, he played 17 times for France, he was very intelligent, a smart player a bit in the Zinedine Zidane's shadow and I do think it hides a bit his massive talent. He was elegant and intelligent on the pitch. He was maybe too intelligent and much apart from the football business.

He's not only a former excellent football player, he's also a very nice guy according to Stéphane C.Jonathan, in charge of the Cultural pages of one of the biggest newspaper of France. Stéphane was the bass player of the Straw Dogs, very well known band in the 90's (All you love is need is an excellent LP). So if he says Johan is a nice guy, he's a nice guy. Johan keeps his money to do very good things and he's much involved in that new label! Stéphane is involved too as a musician with the band "Robert & Mitchum" driven by Laurent Dory, former Straw dogs too.

Johan Micoud par fcgb47

This compilation is a very intelligent way to mix Pop and Football. It begins with the little games we all had as kids, the pleasure to sweat, the friends we played with, the mighty game (World Champion by Zebda) and the sunday matches of the younger ones (La finale des poussins, by... Johan Micoud and friends).There's a lot of English songs on the record, London Calls from every side, Batch of goals, Manchestooh, My football shoes, You're the one, City and United '56, United by Richard Jones, Broken kids society, The hilarious The PSG took my baby away by Fatty and Shorty Ramone!, Goalfinger...

Enjoy it and buy the record!

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Stef J. said...

Thanks a lot, Yann. You're a champ' !
I'm glad you enjoy the Pop'n Foot album and feel like having other people discovering it too.
I too think there are some pretty good songs on it (I'm particulary fond of the H-Burns track).
Cheers, mate !